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Pooped Out

Pratt hosts the Miss Kansas contest and the parade has the pretty ladies and entries from the community. Sacred Heart School had the kids walk, ride their bikes, to promote the school. It was too much for this little guy.


Taking a Leap out of the Box

Leaping before you look is scary when you been in your BOX for a very long time. Learning new technology especially. But this week I have figured out a way to get the CD Cross His Heart up on the internet and be able to sell them. It is still in process, but I will let you know when this is an actual reality!

I am brainstorming with a friend about different ways to extend my horizons out of the living room and to play for others. I also volunteered to play once a week at a local retirement community. They have a beautiful facility and a baby grand piano so that should be a lot of fun.

Another discovery: Pratt Community College has a recording studio. So, my next assignment is to check that out and see if there is an open door to go through.

I guess if I think of how my grandson is learning to swim..he is afraid, but the arms outstretched and encouraging words, “You Can Do It” JUMP I’ll catch you!!! so he Jumps!
So my prayer for today is, Lord, help me to be brave and by listening to the encouragement of good friends, help me to jump in Your direction, to Your arms.