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Mother’s Day…Pleasant or Painful?

Healing from an abortion is possible. I’m passing on some wonderful information

from women and men who choose to be Silent No More!

Spring Blossoms by Susan Kruse

Silent No More Awareness

May 4, 2010

Dear Friends of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign,

With our record-breaking winter behind us, we are thrilled to see bright green leaves, pink cherry blossoms, lavender wisteria and multi-color tulips! It seems all of nature is praising God!

We extend a special welcome to those who have recently joined the Campaign. We want you to know we appreciate your desire to break the silence that surrounds abortion.

For many of us, this Sunday, May 9th is one of the most painful days of the year. Many of us will spend Mother’s Day aware of the fact that we are childless mothers. Even if we do have children, we know there should be more of them. The same feelings can occur on June 20th for childless fathers.

We want to encourage you to take time this Mother’s and Father’s Day and allow yourself to thank God for the promise we have that we will see our children in Heaven, and they are safe and whole. Remember you are not alone in your feelings and thoughts of what might have been, it’s okay to take time in the midst of the busyness to grieve. You may even want to consider sharing the forgiveness you have received as well as the grief you feel with someone who doesn’t know about your abortion. It may sound strange but when we share our story it allows our children’s lives to have meaning anew and the reminder of their existence comforts us.

We also encourage churches and individuals to acknowledge mothers and fathers of aborted children who will be struggling. Send them a card, call and pray with them, invite them to participate in your family/church celebration. Don’t stay silent because you don’t want to hurt our feelings, we’re already hurting.

This special tribute to Mothers’ was written in 2005 by Joan Maloof, one of Silent No More Awareness Campaign’s retired Regional Coordinators. We share it here again because it captures Motherhood; honestly and compassionately.

Mother’s Day. . . Pleasant or Painful?

When you think of Mother’s Day, what comes to mind? Flowers? Candy? A special brunch at her favorite place? Just the right card that says exactly how you feel?  Or, have you sometimes searched for a Mother’s Day card and never found one that seemed completely appropriate?

For many of us, Mother’s Day brings special thoughts of a loving mom:

She is always there when we need her

She meets our physical and emotional needs

She nurtures, inspires and encourages

She is our role model; we want to be just like her!

We have warm, pleasant feelings when we think of mother.  That is what God wants for us: “…gentle…like a mother caring for her little children”   I Thessalonians. 2:7

For others, thinking of mother brings hurt and pain. Maybe….

Sun RaysYour mother left, or otherwise abandoned you

She abused you or allowed someone else to hurt you

She put her needs first and allowed your needs to go unmet

Some of our mothers have failed us and we sometimes carry that hurt in the form of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness.  God never intended for us to be hurt by our mothers. He wants us to forgive, just as he forgives us. “Forgive and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37c

And many others experience profound grief and sorrow when reminded of Mother’s Day:

A mother who has lost a child to death

A mother who has lost a child to addictions

A mother who has lost a relationship with her child

A mother who has lost custody of her children

A mother who has placed a child for adoption

A woman who has chosen abortion

A woman who has suffered a miscarriage

A woman who cannot conceive or carry a child

A woman whose mother has died

God knows of our hurt, pain and sorrow. He wants to bring you comfort today:  “As a mother comforts her children, so I will comfort you.”    Isaiah 66:13

So, celebrate this Mother’s Day by knowing that you have a heavenly parent (God) who loves you!  Unconditionally, completely and eternally; and if you trust in Him, this is His promise:

“never will I leave you, never will I forsake you”  Hebrews 13:5


Snakes, snakes and more snakes.

I found an interesting article on this topic, and it renewed my interest in writing and praying in this manner. But in addition, it connected me to another important journal. The stories that my mother-in-law wrote. A treasure.

I stumbled upon a notebook that contained her stories. I had typed them all up years ago, and thought all of that work was lost when that computer crashed. But, I found my copy. Buried in the depths of a bookshelf.

I would love to share one of Hazel’s stories-she had quite a sense of humor.

Snakes, snakes and more snakes.

Rattle snakes that is.

You don’t have to be an alcoholic to have snakes in your boots.

We lived close to a red shale hill and in that hill was a snake den. They hibernated from October to May when they crawled out and onto the plains of Wyoming to terrorize people like me. They could be seen stretched out in front of your kitchen door, under the porch, laying in the shade of the house, in the pitch fork full of hay that you threw to the horses. They loved to lay in wait under a bean plant or in the flower bed.

Young and old alike they were very nasty fellows. They were ready for a fight anytime. They all needed an attitude adjustment.

Our mother could have been called “The Great Terminator.” She kept a hoe and a pitch fork by the kitchen door. She pinned them down with the pitch fork and cut off their heads with the hoe.

So one fall evening Mom heard some chickens making funny noises which in chicken language said, “Snake, Snake.” She went in search of the snake and to her surprise there were 5 snakes bedded down for the night in the ell of our house. There were on their way to the den for the winter and stopped off at our house for the night. They didn’t make it home because Mom killed them all.

Hazel isHazel lives on through her crazy family!! greatly missed by her family. I can still see and hear her chuckling as she told stories. Her whole body jiggled! I am so greatful she wrote down some of her stories. What a legacy for my grandchildren.

The article I referred to mentioned that if you journal your spiritual walk, that it would be a history of your spiritual growth. What a legacy that would be…for my grandchildren. Better start praying, and writing.


Happy Birthday to my Mommy! She is going to be 85 on July 9th. My sisters and I are planning a birthday party for her, and she thinks we are going to a lot of trouble, fussing too much, and that probably no one will come anyway. Well…we will all be there..her children (3), grandchildren (12) and great-grandchildren (12). The family picture, above, was taken in 1968. The picture on the left is of her at 16, a senior in high school. Mom is with my daughter, Michele, on her wedding, 14 years ago now. We love you Mom.

One of the events planned is a Sing-a-long. When we traveled in the car, probably to keep us from fighting with each other, and to keep us from asking, “Are we there yet?”, Mom and Dad had a long list of songs we would sing. Mom had a lovely soprano voice, but Dad could not carry a tune in a bucket. That never stopped him from singing at the top of his voice. Our all time favorite: The Cannibal King with the Brass Nose Ring.

My brother could really sing, too. He had a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, he has passed away already. His son inherited the voice, fortunately, so we hope that Dan will sing for us at the party.

We plan on having a LOT of fun, making memories.