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New Look!

The site is getting a facelift…

…about time!

With some help from a Facebook friend, cropped-Mailchimp.1.pngNoelle Mena, I enjoy coming here once again! She was so incredibly helpful, and patient, and creative! I love the new look!

Only a few more steps to go, and the new CD campaign will be up and running on Kickstarter. I will keep you all posted and thank you in advance for your help! This has been a dream for quite a long time…30 years!

Songs to sing and music to play

It’s gonna be a wonderful day!

One more thing to say..

I’ll ask for you to pray!

Sharing with you the gift of music is coming to the forefront of my mind more and more. Since the magic age of 65 is right around the corner, I feel a push to get out the door and just do it! I have two ideas in mind. Both involve travel. Which I love to do.

First idea: A trip to play and share that would involve Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. I have friends and family in many cities, so a swing around that area would really be fun. To coordinate a time and set that up…welllllll….that’s on my to do list to figure out how to do a schedule like that! Anyone with experience, I’d accept the help gladly.

Second Idea: When I go to Ft. Wayne Indiana to record, I could do several stops, as well. My sister has one in the works in southeastern Nebraska. Going, or coming…would be great! Again, I do not know when this will be, but it’s floating around in my brain.

Third Idea: I know I only said I had two Ideas, but I just got another one! I’d like to go to Churches, and play…do spiritual meditations…talk…pray….on any topic….God will inspire us. So, any chances that could happen here in Kansas, or in connection with ideas #1 and #2 would be awesome.

That’s all for now. Have a great March!



Looking forward to a new project……

Meditative Pianosome thoughts…

trying to decide when to make another CD

Kickstarter project a possibility to raise the funds needed


Would love to have some speaking “gigs” set up on the way to the recording of said project….

Considering songs with words….

Considering some of the very first songs I was given…wrote…actually remember….

Prayers would be appreciated concerning this project……

And feedback…..




Make a Mini Quilt

I’ve added a new little gadget, about making a mini quilt. What a great idea! When I discovered this, there was only one person from Kansas..but it is up to 4 now!! Yea!! We’ll have to share what we give, and what we get!! Can’t wait.

I have been making some smaller quilting items for a Mother’s Day event..my daughters, and friends and I are selling our wares tomorrow. I am the only one offering handmade items, and my CD, too. So we’ll see. I haven’t done anything like this for a long, long time.

I am also selling heart rocks, jewelry, rosaries, coffee cup holders..hard to explain..



CD is ready to GO

Share I’ve overcome a few hurdles, and have the cd ready..decided to go a bit conservative for now. I didn’t really want to be brave and order hundreds of the thing. So, I had a local printer design the cover, bought my own printer for labeling the cd, burning them myself, and praying..a lot. I’ve… Continue Reading

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