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  • Beautiful, peaceful. Thank you for sharing your gift from God with us.
  • So peaceful. Thanks for sharing with us.
  • This song reminded me of a journey, possibly through a desert….music ministry is a gift from God.
  • very beautiful
  • This is so beautiful and would soothe any heart. Love it.
  • that is absolutely beautiful, Patrice. Have you ever considered working with others. I play guitar for 30 years and could place classical guitar riffs against such beautiful music. It really touches me.
  • The name of the song almost brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful!
  • Beautiful, Patrice, thank you for sharing!  :)
  • “My crosses never seem so heavy when I place them with His Cross with His Heart.” – This is beautiful – and very appropriate for how I feel right now. I needed to read that, thank you!
  • I think you really have something there I especially liked “March to Jerusalem” If you were to add lyrics to some of the songs, I really think they’d be dynamite May God bless you! :] In Christ’s Love
  • your music is excellent …. God blessed you with an amazing talent.