Music of the Moment

For years I’ve played songs, and then they are gone. I’ve decided to share them with everyone. Listen to some of them, or all of them. These are selfies…!!!




May 2011 This ended up with different variations of a theme. I rather like it.

Ps 16 – Singing this!

Feb 3 Meditation

I just needed to play today…A new prayer I learned today: Jesus, Mary, I love you, Save souls. This would be just the prayer to meditate upon while listening.

Closer to My Heart

The song begins in a minor key, but changes to a major key. Sometimes we resist God’s call to come closer. When we respond, it gets sweeter! 12-28-2010

Take Your Worries to the Grotto

A new friend has “adopted” me as his Mom! He is a seminarian from Nigeria in his last year of Theology. He has very kindly offered prayers for me in the Grotto at the seminary. Thank you, so much! This song is for you, Andrew! 12-28-2010

O Come Emanuel

Piano interpretation of the classic song, O Come, O Come Emanuel

Saint Michael

Music of the Moment 24

Music of the Moment 25

Music of the Moment 27

Two Early Songs