16988_10151413304109350_1874119882_nPatrice Egging was born in Sidney, Nebraska. Raised on a farm in western Nebraska, she learned a love for the seasons, weather, sunsets, the wide open vistas, playing in the tree patch with her sister and with her baby dolls, homemade baked goods, 4-H clubs, small town school and being involved in many activities, values of faith and family . She took piano lessons from the age of seven, some organ lessons and voice lessons during high school. She began to play for church and was an accompanist for the high school choir.

Patrice has been married to Mike for 44 years, have 6 grown children and 12 grandchildren, so far. She taught school for two years, but raising the family became the focus with music always there, but on hold. She started to play for Mass after she converted to Catholicism in the late 1970’s. A few weddings and funerals. But not much else.

An interest in the pro-life movement led Patrice to help found a local pregnancy help center. She served as the Board President and as the Director. She continues to speak for the unborn and for those adversely affected by abortion.

The gift of the music has surprised and blessed Patrice. She wanted to share this gift with others, so she began to play His songs before Mass at her Parish. Sometimes the songs “stick” and Patrice can play them again. Sometimes there are words that come, too. But most of the time, it is there, and then gone.


The first CD, Cross His Heart, was made to record the songs given, on one day, in an hour or so of playing. I have been blessed to be able to hear them again, to pray with them. I hope they have been a blessing to others, too.

Listen to Patrice tell the story of the Music.  
 Several years ago, God gave me the grace to just play
new songs on the piano ….
gentle, soothing, contemplative,
calming and spiritually uplifting music. 
Praying and searching for His guidance,
I began to find ways to use the music to serve others.
May God be glorified and lifted up for Praise and Thanksgiving.
He is the Giver of All Gifts, and I acknowledge Him
as the source of all I do,
especially this gift of music.
Introspective – Improvisational – Solo piano
Holy Spirit Inspired Music  

So, I wondered about recording the music.

A friend of mine brought his computer, microphones and his daughter to my home. He set up the microphones, tested it out. I began to play. We had one telephone interruption. My son called. So the song that fades out gradually-that’s the one the call interrupted!

I played for about an hour that day, with one break.

The songs are just as they came and we did what I wanted to do: to save some of the songs given, on a particular day. Perhaps, some can be transcribed someday. Then I could play them again.

 I was totally surprised by the songs when I first heard them again. Because of the unique nature of the way I play, most of the songs I play, I do not ever play again. They are there for the moment, and then gone. There were some that were especially unique and beautiful. I consider them to be given like prayer is given. We can’t pray to God unless He inspires us, and I can’t play unless He inspires me. 

I hope these songs will bless you as they have blessed me.