New Music is Happening!

Singing Joyfully….the project progresses!!

My original plan for creating a new CD has been replaced with a new plan. 1468208_10202763902643658_773636738_o

I’ve recorded 3 songs with Green Jeans Studios and Carter Green was a great help! We recorded the 3 in only 3 hours! One piano only, and two with words. The Master Blacksmith and Down in the Depths.

You can listen to them at my Soundcloud account.

I found the poem The Master Blacksmith years ago in an old book in our local library. I’ve search for information about the poet but haven’t found much. It is a “picture” of the meaning of suffering and pain in our lives using the imagery of a blacksmith. I remember going to a blacksmith shop in our local town with my Dad when I was a little girl. Vague memories of the smells and sounds. Darkness. Light. Water. Fire. Metal on metal pings. I’ve tried to capture these in the music.

Down in the Depths is a very simple song of faith. Of trust and knowing that we are with the Lord. Always. One of the very first I ever wrote. And I can’t remember if the words or the music came to me first. I guess it doesn’t matter cause sometimes music is the language of the soul.

We, Carter and I, had planned an entire day of recording, but plans changed and we only had 2 finished. I asked if I could possibly record one of the piano only songs before we were done. He started to get and the buttons set to record and I just started to play a little to get warmed up. He told me to stop and remember what I’d just played because he thought it was great! So I paused and tried to remember the few notes I’d played. Then we recorded. A simple melody. We went through it and a few places we adjusted how I’d played the sustain pedal. One note at the end he wondered about “fixing,” but I said I think it needs to stay the same. So, in just a few minutes, we had song 3 finished.

I commented that when I play “this way” that I rarely or never seem to make mistakes. He said he noticed. He said I have a Gift. Believe me, I know.

The Gift is what I want to share with you. Why I want to capture the music on a CD that people can share. And pray with….connect with the Giver of that Gift.

With much more music to offer……



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