Patrice Egging Hi! I’m Patrice Egging

Welcome to my world! Music has a way of opening up the world to people. It is it’s own language. It speaks directly to our hearts.

Playing music for people is the way that I use a God given talent. Hopefully, it is healing, calming, peaceful to your heart!

My first CD, Cross His Heart, has 14 songs that I played in about 45 minutes. The music just “happens,” is how I explain it. But I rarely remember it! That’s why I record…so it is captured. I’m amazed at the music that happens. More on the story of this gift here.

A new project is in the works. Initially, I did a Kickstarter project to get it funded.You can still view the page, but the funding was not reached, so Plan B began!!!
The new CD will be the piano songs, but also some with words, too. Poems, prayers, reflections from the past 30 years or so. So far, I have 10 songs ready to go. Would like to have a few more to call it a full album.
The new CD will be called Seeking the Truth. That’s how I try to live. Let’s journey down that path together!

I’d love to come play for you, as well. Let’s discuss the possibilities of a road trip!

More details later!  contact me here.

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