Patrice Egging Hello, I am Patrice Egging

Welcome to my world! Music has a way of opening up the world to people. It is it’s own language. It speaks directly to our hearts.

Playing music for people is the way that I use a God given talent. Hopefully, it is healing, calming, peaceful to your heart!

My first CD, Cross His Heart, has 14 songs that I played in about 45 minutes. The music just “happens,” is how I explain it. But I rarely remember it! That’s why I record…so it is captured. I’m amazed at the music that happens. More on the story of this gift here.

A new project is in the works. Initially, I did a Kickstarter project to get it funded.You can still view the page, but the funding was not reached, so Plan B began!!!
The new CD will be the piano songs, but also some with words, too. Poems, prayers, reflections from the past 30 years or so.
The new CD will be called Seeking the Truth. That’s how I try to live. Let’s journey down that path together!

I’d love to come play for you, as well. Let’s discuss the possibilities of a road trip!

More details later!  contact me here.

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